Vertex Coin: The Future Ready Unified Cryptocurrency for Gemstone, Infrastructure Development and Software Industry

In this digital age, there are many payment options available; one can find various currencies in the market, but with great power comes great responsibilities. Despite this abundance, many problems are faced in the current ecosystem and financial market at the time of payment. In addition of that, when we consider international transactions, we encounter problems like speed and additional costs. With the accession of cryptocurrencies and limited information of participants, the market faces poor reliability these days. Inevitably, it becomes less convincing to the participants and creates panic, as they always have the fear of losing their money. Moreover, the current payment system relies on centralized banks and credits, so there is no transparency in this traditional system while making transaction. If we sum it all up, limited speed, additional costs, poor reliability, restricted transparency and partial awareness are the major obstacles.

Problems in Digital Market

  • Limited Speed
  • Additional Costs
  • Poor Reliability
  • Restricted Transparency

Vertex Coin (VRX) at Rescue

Vertex Coin (VRX) is a Cryptocurrency that allows the holder to make payment with efficient timing and complete transparency. It is a self-regulated financial system, using which the user can send or receive his money worldwide. It has the ability to do it without any centralized authority, which removes the additional costs in between. Apart from eliminating these problems, the fund plans to allocate its investments in numerous countries and promising industries where the market is progressively giving good returns over investments.


VRX and Other Cryptocurrencies

The Vertex Coin (VRX) is a proof of stake/proof of work Cryptocurrency. By means of VRX, everyone involved in digital investments can have the access to the expansions and stimulations of this uprising market.

Many cryptocurrencies are thrown out of the market and many of the developers are still using old-fashioned GPUs for mining of their currencies; it wastes a lot of time and global resources in using GPU processing and those who are continuing to use it further will be out of order soon. As the VRX developers believe that wasting processing resources on global scale with waste of energy held back the progress. So instead of GPUs, they use ASICs for mining, because using ASICs takes less energy and allocate results more efficiently.

While other solutions offer to solve one problem at a time, the VRX team has built a resourceful and secure peer-to-peer (P2P) network on private Blockchain

Importance of Blockchain

Blockchain is a kind of digital ledger or digital wallet, which maintains records of transactional data on P2P network, which are time-stamped, unalterable and tamper-proof. In early rise of Blockchain, it was associated with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and few others only. Today, however, many industries have explored Blockchain to make a distributed digital database. It is also used for creating public database, but when it comes to business privacy becomes essential. Thus, private Blockchain are used for business.

As mentioned earlier, VRX uses private Blockchains for their peer to peer network, the users who participate in any transaction on the network are assured safety and anonymity.

Major Industries Covered

At one side VRX provides the ability to use the money for transaction purposes, and on the other side it allows the user to earn profits from different industries. VRX team is built by gems traders, infrastructure consultants and software development consultants and because of that it gives an opportunity to the user to generate revenue from the ventures made into the Gemstone Industry, Infrastructure Development Sector and Software Development Ecosystem. Apart from these industries, the platform provides multiple prospects and an implied crypto-community sharing different aspects of their industry and making money together.

Vertex Coins in Infrastructure Development Sector

The Infrastructure Development industry consists of government based intermediaries like attorneys and private intermediaries like brokers, escrows or title companies. All of these takes a lot of time and unnecessary red tapping before the actual work is done. The VRX has the key to transform the industry, which is Blockchain.

With the help Blockchain, availing the notaries won’t be required, as the recording can be done on it and using a string of alphanumeric characters, hash. When the dependencies on brokers and escrows can be avoided by the smart contract created by the digital ledger. Moreover that, problems of long workflow and fraudulent land registry are also eliminated, as Blockchain stores time-stamped and undeniable records.

Vertex Coins in Gemstones

Gemstone industries often face problems like loss of track, rigidity in transactions, payment uncertainty and unauthentic products. The process too keenly complete a deal avoiding all the problems mentioned here takes abundance of time. Using the digital ledger, the gemstone in deal can be traced and tracked at every stage, and because of that the authenticity of the product will not be at stake. The transaction can be quicker as they are virtual over here. One can reimagine this industry with the help of VRX.

Vertex Coins in Software

The Software industry is one of the rapidly growing industries today, it includes overseas transactions in both B2B and B2C cases, but as the other two industries, this one also have several problems like long transaction time, partial security and brokers in between. The VRX has the secure P2P network, which makes the transaction faster, reliable and secure. It also helps in making digital contracts using the decentralized Blockchain network.


Additional Benefits with vertex coins:

Vertex Coins is backed up by the world’s most profitable industries. The value of vertex coins will be independent of other coins and depend upon the transactions, partnerships and ventures. Vertex Coins also gives an opportunity to the user to receive profits from the ventures made into the gemstone industry, infrastructure development sector and software development ecosystem through occasional Airdrops.

Apart from this, Vertex coins are also committed to solve;

  1. Restricted Transparency
  2. Eliminating Processing Costs
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Global Access to Multiple Industries
  5. Faster Cross Country Transactions


Token Distribution

  • Over 210 million Vertex Coins have been in the supply till now
  • In the first phase of fund allocation is Phase– I, the VRX team has allocated 10 million tokens and it is also providing special offers for limited time
  • After the succession of Phase- i, Phase– ii will begin and the team has allocated 15 million tokens with special offers in that ICO
  • After the succession of Phase- ii, the ICO Launch phase will begin and the team has allocated 30 million tokens for this phase.
  • The final phase of public coin offerings is the Main ICO, the team will be offering 45 million tokens in this phase


In conclusion, the Vertex Coin facilitates the participating investor or customer to do business, make payments and generate revenue with faster, smarter and easier approach in the digital era.  Let’s integrate with Vertex Coin platform to make transactions simple and easy.



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